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Crimsafe® Security Screens

Toowoomba’s Lowes Glass & Aluminium supply and install Crimsafe® to ensure all your domestic and commercial security needs.

What is Crimsafe®?

Crimsafe is the strongest purpose-built stainless steel security system on the Australian market capable of providing tremendous resistance against intruders. Crimsafe is a woven stainless-steel mesh and frame system used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas. Its smooth curved profile creates a streamlined look to complement any architectural style.

Why Choose Crimsafe?®

Thicker, Stronger Mesh

Crimsafe’s ‘Tensile Tuff’ mesh is corrosion resistant 0.9mm thick 304 grade stainless steel, precisely woven so that every strand backs up the others. Research shows that the most common method of entry through security screens is via a series of kicks that break the screen apart. This will not happen with Crimsafe.

Crimsafe mesh is also incredibly difficult to cut. Crimsafe’s unique Tensile Tuff security mesh has a powerfully strong ‘shear resistance’. This means that a burglar cannot make a hole in the mesh by stabbing it, and then try to make it bigger by using body weight to drag the knife through the mesh to gain entry.

Unique Fastening System

Crimsafe’s ‘Screw-Clamp’ system is unique. Only Crimsafe uses stainless steel tamper resistant screws that are driven through both the clamp and the mesh, and into the frame on the other side. This combination mechanically fastens the mesh to the frame creating a barrier of incredible strength and resistance that cannot be ‘kicked in’. This exclusive technology allows it to withstand tremendous force by absorbing and dispersing impact.

The Crimsafe® Range

At Toowoomba’s Lowes Glass & Aluminium, all Crimsafe® products are custom made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. The flexible framing systems can be applied to window and door openings, as well as French, Bi-fold and Stacking doors.

Frames are powder coated in a wide range of standard colours, and custom colours including woodgrain and anodised are available on request. Crimsafe® combines modern design aesthetic with advanced technologies to provide unparalleled style, convenience, and peace of mind.

See our friendly staff for assistance with your home and commercial security needs.

Hinged & Sliding Doors
Crimsafe’s flexible framing systems mean security doors can be adapted to suit:

Fixed Screens
Fixed screens are used for securing louvres, sliding and double hung awning windows.

Hinged & Sliding Windows
Hinged & sliding windows can be implemented when a usually fixed screen needs to be operable.

Safe-S-Cape (emergency exit)
‘Safe-S-Cape’ is an emergency exit system which provides a quick exit in case of emergency. A one-touch system that can be operated from the inside, without compromising security.

Other Applications
Balustrading, patio enclosures, pool fencing and falls protection - Crimsafe can be used in all these applications.

Crimsafe® Brochure

Crimsafe® Security Brochure › (2 MB PDF)

Benefits of Crimsafe®

Impact & Leverage
Crimsafe is the strongest security screen on the market. It exceeds the Australian Standards required. Products are tested against dynamic impact and tool attacks. These tests simulate the force of a kick, punch or charge, as well as against screwdrivers and other tools used to leverage apart frames, locks and hinges.

Energy Efficient
Crimsafe assists with both thermal and light transfer from outside to inside the home. When Crimsafe security screens are applied over a window, the cooling efficiency of the window increases to a 3 star WERS rating, with a reduction in solar heat gain of up to 53%. Crimsafes’ Tensile-Tuff security mesh also blocks 62% of harmful UV rays from your home.

Fall Prevention
Crimsafe’s strength and durability keeps your family safe by preventing falls from windows and balconies. Crimsafe screens meet building construction requirements for child protection of openable windows, providing safety without compromising the look of the window.

Insect Protection
Crimsafe security screens keep pests and insects out of your home, without sacrificing airflow. Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff security mesh has been proven to keep mosquitos out whilst still allowing air circulation from outside to inside.

Corrosion Resistance
Crimsafe security screens are designed to last, even when exposed to the elements. All products are built to survive years of environmental exposure.

Fire Resistance
Crimsafe screens provide protection from ember attack, reduce radiant heat and will protect glass from the impact of burning debris. When tested, Crimsafe achieved a fire attenuation rating of 59%. Crimsafe security screens can be used for the highest level in bushfire protection (BAL-FZ) and are suitable for bushfire prone areas.

Storm & Cyclone Protection
Crimsafe protects your home against violent debris carrying winds of cyclones and severe storms. Crimsafe security screens passed cyclone debris tests and are approved for use in Cyclone Regions C and D.

Superior Look
Crimsafe’s aesthetically pleasing design means no more unsightly bars or grilles to inhibit natural views, an no blocking circulating airflow.

Crimsafe Warranty
All Crimsafe products come with a standard 10 year warranty, or you can apply online for extended warranty of up to 15 years. Crimsafe’s exclusive technology has been independently tested and proven to exceed all Australian Standards.

If it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not ‘crim safe’

Only Crimsafe Authorised Licensees can supply and install genuine Crimsafe products. Lowes Glass & Aluminium are a Crimsafe authorised licensee.

Answering all Your Crimsafe® & Security Screen Questions

Our experienced and friendly team will help you choose the right Crimsafe® security screens for your home, renovation, or extension project. Visit our Toowoomba office at 12 Davidson Street Toowoomba or call us on 07 4638 1077

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> security screen doors

Crimsafe® security screen doors

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> security screen doors

Crimsafe® security screen doors

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> screened balcony

Crimsafe® screened balcony

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> peace of mind

Crimsafe® peace of mind

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> hinged doors

Crimsafe® hinged doors

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> security screen doors

Crimsafe® security screen doors

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> on sash windows

Crimsafe® on sash windows

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> on timber frame doors

Crimsafe® on timber frame doors

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> on sliding doors

Crimsafe® on sliding doors

Crimsafe<sup>®</sup> security screen doors

Crimsafe® security screen doors


Toowoomba’s Lowes Glass & Aluminium is an authorised Crimsafe® licensee
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